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For 2021, the Young Entrepreneur Prize age limits are 8th-12th grades.   All entries must be received by June 30th, 2021.   Entries will be evaluated over the summer with awards announced at the end of August.  Multiple $1,000 prizes may be awarded based on volume and quality of entries.  


  • Currently enrolled in 8th through 12th grades

  • A resident of Mill Valley or attending school in Mill Valley

  • Group entries are accepted, and prize money split evenly between group members  (each member must meet eligibility requirements above).


  • Entries are accepted from June 1st through June 30th 

  • Entries will be evaluated in July and August with an interview required

  • $1,000 will be awarded to worthy entrants

  • Multiple prizes may be awarded each year


  • Your idea can be for profit or non-profit

  • Create a short 1-3 minute video about your business idea

  • If you are under 18, have your parents sign the waiver

  • Previous cash prize winners of the YEP! are not eligible to enter with the same business idea.

Congratulations! 2019 YEP! Winners


Simone George

  "ModiMe": $1,000 Prize

Abigail Marciniak

  "Innokit": $1,000 Prize

Special Thanks to Guest Speaker, Julian Guthrie,

Author of "Alpha Girls"

Congratulations! 2018 YEP! Winners


Eloise Weir

  "Run for Water": $1,000 Prize

Adam Lichtblau and Cooper Smith

  "Simplify": $1,000 Prize

Sam Reade

  "Suggestioneer": $1,000 Prize

2017 YEP! Winners

Zeal: $1,000 prize.       

Olivia Simth


Caitlin Smith

Ciara Rooke


Claire Conger 

Just Like Me: $1,000 prize.      

2016 YEP! Winner

Maren Curtis $1,000 Prize

2015 YEP! Winners

2015 YEP! 1st Prize winners, Manzanita Labs.   Jack Noble (with trophy), Adam Deming and Hank Gansert with the Mill Valley Labs judging panel on stage at the Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley.  

2015 YEP! Finalist

  • 1st Prize:  Manzanita Labs; Jack Noble

  • 2nd Prize: Karma Bikinis: Antje and Julienne Worring

  • 3rd Prize:  Vantage Marin: Brennan Wertz

  • 3rd Prize:  Code-Arc:  Raqshan Khan, Miranda Church and Kevin Lee

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